The Urgency Of The 2024 Data Center Market

by Chloe Place

Data Center Frontier, a leading industry authority, highlights the immediacy of the challenge in a recent 2024 themes report with a quote from JLL: “Much of the anticipated 2024 supply will be pre-leased, limiting options for those not proactively seeking space.” Additionally JLL has stated through their own channels that market conditions will remind tight through 2024 and “The first half of 2023 witnessed robust growth in the data center market; however, most major and secondary markets are struggling with a supply and demand imbalance, leading to a shortage of colocation space and rising pricing.”

Securing Your Future In AI & HPC

As 2024 unfolds, the tech industry faces a critical and transformative moment, best described as a ‘race for data center space.’ Latest insight reported that the vacancy rate across the US to be below 3%. The pressure is a clear indicator of the rapidly evolving landscape in technology, AI, and high-performance computing. This race is not just a challenge but a symptom of the extraordinary growth in the AI and tech sectors, influencing operations and shaping the future of technological innovation.

Expert Insights: The Strategic Necessity Of Securing Space

Ryan King, Director of Business Development at DCX, with over 15 years in the industry, stresses the importance of timely action: “In today’s rapidly evolving market, securing your GPU space is a strategic necessity. The capacity constraints in the data center market require partnering with facilities capable of supporting high-density deployments for AI GPUs from leaders like NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel. If you have GPUs secured but lack space, the need to act is even more urgent.”

Lock In Your Rate In A Rising Market

Once you’ve found the necessary space, the next critical question arises: How much is it going to cost? In today’s market, where demand is rapidly outpacing supply, prices for data center spaces are poised to skyrocket. By securing your colocation space promptly, you’re doing more than just reserving the necessary physical space for your computing needs; you’re also locking in a cost-effective rate. This strategic move is crucial in a market where prices are not just climbing but are expected to escalate significantly.

Introducing DCX: Designed For AI And High-Performance Computing

In response to the challenges of the 2024 data center space race, DCX stands at the forefront, offering solutions with its purpose-built, hyper-density data center. Specifically tailored for high-performance computing, AI, machine learning, and mission-critical applications, our facility is a direct answer to the industry’s pressing needs. Pioneered by our founders, George Slessman and Bill Slessman, the 12MW AZ Goodyear Data Center campus by DCX is not just a facility; it’s a strategic asset in navigating and staying ahead of the rapidly evolving data center landscape.

Special Offer: Secure Data Center Space Now, Pay Later

Understanding the urgency of the current market situation, DCX offers a unique opportunity to secure your data center space amidst these challenging times. With our special offer, we’re committed to supporting your journey and providing value in an industry experiencing unprecedented fluctuations. Reserve your colocation space now at our special rate of $315/gpu/month and enjoy the flexibility of paying only when your GPUs are plugged in. This proactive approach is designed to give you peace of mind and financial predictability, allowing you to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

At DCX, we recognize the current market challenges and have purpose-built our data centers to support high-performance AI GPUs from NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel. This ensures that your technology is housed in a secure and optimized environment, prepared for the demands of tomorrow. By choosing DCX, you’re doing more than securing space for your technology; you’re actively investing in a future where innovation and discovery are limitless. Despite the trends and challenges of 2024, partnering with DCX means you’re well-positioned to navigate these changes and capitalize on the opportunities they present.

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