DCX-GYR1 Data Center

Move-In-Ready Hyper-Density Data Center In Goodyear Arizona

Our 12MW colocation data center campus is purpose-built for to meet the demands of the most advanced applications, including HPC, AI/ML, and mission-critical applications.

We’re Flexible, Experts & Always There

DCX provides easy-to-use management tools, on-demand services and 24xforever expert data center support. DCX has one fully operational cloud colocation campus located in the U.S. West. We’re planning new centers in the Central and the Eastern U.S. as well.

DCX Core Data Center Engineering Principles

We provide modular, high-density data suites with 100% concurrently maintainable power and cooling systems. We’re optimized for PUE and no water, with shared-nothing critical systems. Each data center campus is near a Big Three cloud data center.

DCX-GYR1 Is Move-In-Ready

Online and move-in ready data center suites are available today.

Our 12MW/six-acre campus is in Goodyear, Arizona. It offers a low-risk location and environment. All systems are fully and concurrently maintainable. We offer up to six customer-dedicated DCX data suites (two are online today, and one available). Tax incentives are available through the computer data center program. We are approximate to the Microsoft West US 3 Data Center

Move-In Ready Data Suites

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  • Move-in ready Class A offices, break rooms, conference rooms and supporting workspaces
  • Secure storage and loading dock
  • Custom office and workspace solutions for individual customers
  • Proximity to local amenities like Canyon Trails Town Center, Palm Valley Pavilions West, Phoenix Goodyear Airport and more

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Data Suites

  • 100% Dedicated critical system per data suite
  • 700kW @ 2N per data suite
  • Up to 30kW per rack
  • 2 x 720kW Dedicated UPS systems
  • 2 x 1500kW Cummins Diesel Emergency Generators
  • Starline Busway & APC rack power distribution units installed
  • Up to 44 x 24” wide 4 post rack per suite
  • Commissioning provided by TBL Mission Critical

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Critical Systems

  • 100% concurrently maintainable
  • Designed Water Utilization Efficiency is zero (liters/kW/hrs.)
  • 2N Design (UPS, Generator and Mechanical Systems)
  • 72 Hours of fuel storage
  • Each Data Suite contains 24 DX units
  • Multiple cooling modes to optimize PUE
  • Lightning Protection System

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  • 6 Acres and up to 12 MW
  • Medium Voltage service
  • Substation located ~200 Meters from campus
  • Utility Provider – Arizona Public Service Company (APS)
  • XHLF rate and Green Energy available from APS
  • Arizona Computer Data Center Program – Tax Incentive Eligible

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  • Multiple points of entry (POEs) diversity for inbound network
  • No recurring cross connect fees
  • Providers in building – DE-CIX, COX, and Lumen
  • Various Local Fiber Providers – Lumen/Centurylink Legacy, Cox, Lumen/Level 3 Long Haul, Zayo, Windstream, Telia, Hudson Fiber, Syringa Networks, Lumen/Level 3 Time Warner Telecom Legacy, Cogent

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Security & Compliance

  • 100% SLA
  • Dedicated independent data suites
  • Certifications In process/planned – CMMI LEVEL 3, NIST, ISO 27001 and CSF-NIST
  • Facility access control system
  • Video Surveillance
  • Perimeter Fencing

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DCX US Zones Map

We’re Growing To Meet Demand

  • West – Online
  • East – In development
  • Central – In development

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