Purpose-Built For High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning & Mission-Critical Applications

by Chloe Place

The data center industry is no stranger to innovation, and George and Bill Slessman are no strangers to driving it forward. With their new data center colocation business, DCX.US, the brothers are once again leading the way in delivering cutting-edge data center solutions for the most advanced applications.

Since 2002, George and Bill have founded and exited multiple domestic and international technology businesses, including Sterling Network, IO Data Centers, and Baselayer. Their proven track record of success is a testament to their expertise, and with DCX, they are dedicated to bringing that same level of excellence to every project they undertake.

Purpose-Built For Today’s Digital Needs

DCX specializes in colocation services engineered for the cloud-first world. It supports HPC, AI, machine learning, and mission-critical applications. The Goodyear, Arizona campus offers 12MW across six-acres with dedicated data suites ensuring reliability and performance. All systems are fully and concurrently maintainable, ensuring maximum uptime for customers.

George Slessman On DCX’s Mission

“We’ve heard from researchers and other high-performance users. This is the data center colocation service they’ve always needed,” said DCX co-founder and CEO George Slessman.

He added: “For our users, it’s all about their results. So we engineered a data center colocation service that provides high-performance system capability and the assurance required to deliver their results. DCX lets our clients focus on what they want and need to focus on: their research and results.”

With George and Bill Slessman at the helm, DCX is poised to deliver unparalleled data center solutions for businesses that demand the very best. Whether you’re looking to support HPC, AI/ML, or other mission-critical workloads, DCX’s purpose-built data center colocation service is designed to meet your needs. Learn more about our campus and discover how we can help your business thrive in a cloud-first world.

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