The Top 6 Benefits of Lights Out Colocation for AI, HPC, and Mission Critical Applications

by John Weisensee

As the technological horizon expands and the boundaries of computing capabilities push further, businesses are on the hunt for infrastructure solutions that can keep pace. The need for efficient, secure, and scalable data center operations has never been more pressing. As businesses continue to embrace the world of AI, HPC, and other mission-critical applications, their infrastructure needs evolve too. Enter ‘Lights Out Colocation‘, a transformative approach to data center management that’s rapidly gaining traction. But why is it becoming the preferred choice for businesses of all sizes? Let’s delve into the compelling benefits.

  1. Redefining Remote Data Center Management
    With the digital realm expanding at breakneck speeds, the demand for remote oversight of IT equipment has never been clearer. Lights out colocation provides businesses the convenience of supervising their servers, storage, and networking tools from any location, removing the need for physical presence at the data center.
  2. Empowering A Remote Workforce With Colocation
    In our increasingly decentralized working world, the ability to manage IT infrastructure remotely is a significant advantage. With companies often choosing colocation sites away from their primary operational locations, there’s a heightened demand to ensure seamless operations without the need for local teams. Lights out colocation is perfectly aligned with this trend, enabling businesses to have their infrastructure in optimal locations (like tax-favorable Arizona) without the requirement of having their IT team onsite. This model supports business continuity, especially when unexpected events might prevent personnel from accessing the data center physically.
  3. Lights Out Colocation A Cost-Effective Solutions
    Lights out colocation is an economical choice. The elimination of on-site staff translates to significant labor cost savings. Additionally, these data centers tend to be more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts, translating to savings on energy bills. The reduced footprint also means savings on rent and other related costs.
  4. Boosting Efficiency For Your Organization
    Efficiency is the key in today’s fast-paced world. Automating routine tasks means IT staff can divert their focus towards strategic planning and innovations. With constant environmental and performance monitoring, proactive problem solving becomes the norm, ensuring smoother operations.
  5. Ensuring Uptime Is Essential 
    For businesses in the AI, HPC, and mission-critical application sectors, downtime can be a costly nightmare. Thanks to early detection systems within lights out colocation centers, potential problems are addressed before they can escalate, promoting improved uptime.
  6. Security & Scalability
    Such data centers stand as fortified fortresses, equipped with state-of-the-art security features and surveillance systems. Moreover, they’re scalable, accommodating growing businesses or those with fluctuating IT needs.

But how does one get started with lights out colocation, especially tailored for AI, HPC, and mission-critical applications? That’s where we come in.

The DCX Advantage With Lights Out Colocation

At DCX, we’ve transformed colocation. Instead of grappling with the traditional challenges of managing your own data center, let us handle the intricacies for you. With DCX, you can confidently say goodbye to ever setting foot in a data center again. Our state-of-the-art facility, spanning a vast 12MW/6 acres in Goodyear, AZ, is meticulously designed for high-density computing needs. And with date suites offering 700kw @2N, reliability is a guarantee.

Backed by a seasoned team with industry-leading experience since 2002, you’re in the best hands with us. DCX founders, George Slessman and Bill Slessman, have consistently led the charge, pioneering transformative changes in data center services and infrastructure. Their unwavering dedication, combined with the commitment of our team, ensures that with DCX, you’re choosing more than just a service – you’re choosing unparalleled excellence. With DCX, colocation isn’t just about space; it’s about envisioning and enabling a simplified, efficient future. Explore this new era of colocation with us. Chat with our team. 

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