Why Independent Infrastructure is the Future of Data Centers: Say Goodbye to Shared Infrastructure and Mitigate Risks

by Chloe Place

As more organizations rely on digital infrastructure to support their operations, the demand for colocation services has grown significantly. Colocation providers offer a cost-effective solution for organizations to store their servers, storage, and networking equipment in a secure and reliable data center facility. However, not all colocation providers are created equal, and it’s important to choose a provider that offers independent infrastructure to mitigate risks and ensure maximum uptime.

Here are the top five reasons to choose a colocation provider who offers independent infrastructure:

  1. Mitigate Interdependent & Interconnected Risks: When colocation providers offer shared infrastructure, there is a risk that an issue with one tenant can impact the entire facility. This can result in downtime and loss of revenue for all tenants. However, choosing a colocation provider with independent infrastructure mitigates this risk. Each tenant has their own dedicated critical infrastructure, including data center, UPS, generator, and utility, which ensures that any issues are contained and do not affect other tenants.
  2. Scalability: Independent infrastructure also allows for greater flexibility and scalability. As your business grows, you can easily scale your infrastructure up or down without having to worry about the impact on other tenants.
  3. Customization: With independent infrastructure, you have the flexibility to customize your infrastructure to meet your specific needs. This can include choosing the right power density, cooling, and network infrastructure to support your applications and services.
  4. Increased Control: Independent infrastructure also provides you with greater control over your environment. You have the ability to manage and monitor your infrastructure in real-time, and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance.
  5. Redundancy: Finally, independent infrastructure provides greater redundancy and resilience. With dedicated critical infrastructure, you have redundant power and cooling systems, which ensures maximum uptime and minimizes the risk of downtime.

Choosing a colocation provider like DCX who offers independent infrastructure provides significant advantages over providers that offer shared infrastructure. By mitigating interdependent and interconnected risks, providing scalability and customization options, offering increased control, and providing greater redundancy, you can ensure maximum uptime and performance for your critical applications and services. Contact our team today to learn more. 

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