Phoenix's Rising Star: Why Goodyear Has Become A Go-To for Hyper-Density Data Centers

by John Weisensee

The Rush For Digital Gold

As the modern age witnesses a technological boom in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and high-performance computing (HPC), the race to secure data center space and power has become the new gold rush. Just as prospectors once scoured the land for precious metals, enterprises today are on a relentless quest for the digital infrastructure to accommodate growing density demands. But where should they look, and who can they trust?

Challenges of Traditional Infrastructure

Traditional raised-floor data centers are grappling with unprecedented power and heat density challenges. The rapid evolution of technology, particularly in the realms of AI and HPC, has left conventional designs struggling to keep pace. Overheating, inefficiencies, and scalability issues are becoming common hurdles.

Data Centers in Goodyear Arizona: A Hub For Innovation

Goodyear, Arizona is swiftly becoming a hotspot for data centers, attracting giants in hyperscale computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. A submarket of Phoenix, Goodyear offers hundreds of megawatts of potential data center capacity, and the demand is on the rise.

The top reasons for this gravitation include reliable internet infrastructure, affordable and stable power supply, attractive economic development laws, a low risk of natural disasters, and a thriving tech market. DCX, is one example, offering ultra-high-density AI workloads and dedicated infrastructure, from UPS and generators to waterless cooling systems.

As a West Coast alternative to California, Goodyear offers a winning combination of cost efficiency, safety, reliability, and potential for growth, making it a prime location amidst the data center gold rush.

Arizona Computer Data Center Program: A Significant Boost For Businesses

One key incentive driving data center growth in Arizona is the 20-year sales tax exemption under the Arizona Computer Data Center Program. Colocation customers contracting with qualified providers like DCX benefit from exemptions on purchases, installation, repair, and maintenance of data center equipment.

Combined with savings on property taxes, low lease rates on colocation, and the significant power cost efficiencies associated with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), the total savings can be significant. The Arizona Computer Data Center Program represents a compelling reason for businesses to choose Arizona as their data center hub.

A Future-Proof Solution

At DCX, we’ve transformed data center colocation with a purpose-built, hyper-density design tailored to meet not only today’s increasing demands but also the unforeseen challenges of tomorrow. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering, our facilities offer a robust solution that bypasses the limitations of traditional infrastructure.

Building On Proven Success

In the rapidly evolving landscape of data center construction, trust and expertise become paramount. Our founders George Slessman and Bill Slessman have over 25 years of industry leadership, representing proven pioneers in technology innovation. Their legacy includes founding and exiting multiple international tech businesses. One such example is IO Data Centers, which they grew into one of the world’s largest data center providers, eventually selling it to Iron Mountain for more than $1.3 billion in 2018.

Why Trust DCX?

So, why put your trust in us? Because we have a demonstrated history of pushing boundaries and delivering excellence. Our dedicated infrastructure, tailored to meet individual business needs, positions clients at the forefront of the data center revolution. At DCX, we’re not just building data centers; we’re constructing a future where technology’s potential is limitless.

Join The Revolution

The modern gold rush for data center space and power is more than a trend; it’s a critical movement defining the technological era. At DCX, we’re committed to leading this charge with innovative solutions that transcend traditional limitations. Join us in this exciting journey, and entrust your data center needs to proven pioneers who are not only shaping the industry but also crafting the future. Contact our team today.

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